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What does it mean Sustainability

Sustainability is a societal goal that relates to the ability of people to safely co-exist on a Globe over a long time. Specific definitions of sustainability are difficult to agree on and have varied with literature, context, and time. Sustainability is commonly described as having three dimensions : environmental, economic, and social. Many publications state that the environmental dimension is the most important. 


For this reason, in everyday use, "sustainability" is often focused on countering major environmental problems, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, loss of ecosystem services, land degradation, and air and water pollution. The concept of sustainability can be used to guide decisions at the global, national, and individual levels.

It has been around for years...

The term sustainability is derived from the Latin word sustinere. "To sustain" can mean to maintain, support, uphold, or endure. So sustainability is the ability to continue over a long period of time. In the past, sustainability referred to environmental sustainability. It meant using natural resources so that people in the future could continue to rely on them in the long term. The concept of sustainability, or Nachhaltigkeit in German, goes back to Hans Carl von Carlowitz (1645–1714), and applied to forestry. We would now call this sustainable forest management.


 He used this term to mean the long-term responsible use of a natural resource. In his 1713 work Silvicultura oeconomica, he wrote that "the highest art/science/industriousness  will consist in such a conservation and replanting of timber that there can be a continuous, ongoing and sustainable use".

The idea itself goes back a very long time: Communities have always worried about the capacity of their environment to sustain them in the long term. Many ancient cultures, traditional societies, and indigenous peoples have restricted the use of natural resources.

How can we in

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achieve our goal in Sustainability

Library Study Group
Office Work

Constant curiosity and engagement, connection with our business and team globally. Learning and thinking outside the box.

Discussions and sharing the knowledge around us employers, employees.
Open mindness is one of our key mindsets.

Making consulted careful decisions in order to achieve a goal. Which is to get you your desired job and provide a full service to make your life sustainable.

the key word is Sustainable Development 

Sustainable development is our organizing principle that aims to meet human development goals  The desired result is a society where living conditions and resources meet human needs without undermining the planetary integrity and stability of the natural system. The concept of sustainable development nowadays has a focus on economic development and social development for future generations. All of us here in GW focusing on global challenges poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, peace, and justice.

which is referring to processes and pathways achieving a long term goal - Sustainability

The only way to provide services.

The change starts with us, each and every one of us. Happy what you do for a leaving, happier your family will be. Happy families enjoy life. Enjoying life, means you are doing something good for our planet, for the blue Globe. Making our future brighter and sustainable for years to come.

Great minds create great planet


Join us today, to become part of the team on route to prosperity and sustainability.

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